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"Thank you guys for making this tool available for free. I didn't have to spend thousands hiring a marketing agency to get more customers into my new store. Was able to do the steps in the marketing plan by myself."

- James A. Fowler
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Get your complete marketing template with step-by-step execution process.

What's Included in Your Free Marketing Plan Playbook:

Overall Marketing Strategy

Understanding who your customers are, doing competitive research, and setting business goals. Strategies cover both inbound and outbound marketing, email, and offline marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to get thousands of visitors and leads by ranking high in Google that convert into paying customers.

Social Media Marketing

How to use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to drive potentials customers to your business and increase sales.

Content Marketing

How to create engaging content funnels that glue readers to every word and want to buy your products or services.

Listing Websites

Getting your business listed on all the key directories is a low hanging fruit that provides direct traffic and leads.

Increasing Sales from Current Customers

Strategies on how to increase revenue from existing customers.

Email Marketing

Learn exactly how to gather leads, create automated sequences, and nurture prospects into customers.

Customer Referrals

Best ways to turn 1 customer into 10. The exact process to grow your business and online reputation.

Offline Marketing

Direct mail strategies that are low-cost and provide a profitable return on investment.

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