Making the Most of Hiring Freezes

Key Takeaways

  • 87% of small to midsize companies are currently in a hiring freeze.
  • Amazon’s layoffs are producing the most attractive candidates for small to midsize companies looking to hire.
  • Small to midsize companies currently hiring are looking to fill 15 positions, on average.

There are days when it can feel like the job search never ends, and a hiring freeze may only worsen this feeling in the heart of a job seeker. While these freezes can cause dread in prospective new hires, other companies may use them to their advantage to secure available talent.

With a heady combination of layoffs at global corporations such as Amazon or Twitter and applicants being frozen out of the process elsewhere, how can both employees and hiring managers take advantage of this situation? We surveyed 1,000 hiring managers to find exactly that.

Timing is Everything

With layoffs and hiring freezes plaguing employees of various industries, one begins to wonder: is there a silver lining to be found?

Fortunately for all involved, there is. While many small to midsize companies are currently in a hiring freeze alongside the likes of Disney and Apple, applicants may find luck elsewhere — especially among companies looking to target these recently laid-off workers.

Over half of managers say now is a good time to hire new talent (which spells great news for those who have been affected by the layoffs mentioned above).

Small to midsize companies looking to hire are aiming to pull from pools of talent recently let go by major companies. Of those we surveyed, 30% of hiring managers stated that recruiting recently laid-off individuals was a key goal.

Hiring managers also said Amazon layoffs are producing the most attractive candidates, followed by candidates laid off by Apple and Twitter. These employees may be attractive prospective hires based on their skills, but hiring managers should keep in mind that the culture and resources of a smaller company may be a bit of a shock to someone used to working for a much larger one.

For those looking to enter the applicant pool, most hiring managers said they’re searching for project managers, followed by product and HR managers. HR is a vital component of any company, but in particular, it can help small to midsize companies feel as structured and well-run as larger ones.

Looking Forward to the Future

The future might seem bleak to recently laid-off workers, but they may find good fortune sooner rather than later. With over half of hiring managers looking to take advantage of these layoffs and looking to fill 15 positions on average, brighter days are sure to come soon.


Clarify Capital surveyed 1,000 hiring managers at small to midsize companies.

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