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Professional Services Financing

Flexible Loans to help professionals grow their business and cover seasonal slumps

Getting a Professional Service Loans for Your Business

With over 9 million jobs nationwide, the professional service sector is large. It’s also diverse.

Financing, insurance, accounting, medicine, architecture, engineering - you name it! Small business owners offering skill-based services make up many industries. While no two professions are exactly alike, enterprising professionals have one thing in common: business goals.

Whether you're a CPA, attorney, accountant, or doctor, we’ve got you covered. Our network of 75+ lenders compete to provide you the best professional service loans out there.

Get the working capital you need to scale growth. Our online loan process makes financing easy. Loan amounts go up to $750,000 - so even your largest business objectives can become a reality.

6 Best Professional Loans for Business

Every industry is unique. Finding a loan that makes sense for your profession and business model requires customization. At Clarify, you choose from tailored loan offers, hand-picked by our dedicated professional industries team. Financing is based on your service-sector, preferences, and business goals.

SBA loan

The SBA provides dedicated funding for small business applicants. Financing is government backed, which means most lenders consider these loans to be less risky than others. Loan structures are similar to traditional short-term loans, although eligibility factors may differ

Line of Credit for Business

Some professions experience seasonal dips in revenue when things slow down. Others are prone to fluctuating expenses. In these situations, a business credit line can help. Funds can be drawn from on an as-needed basis, as costs come up. Credit lines provide a flexible working capital solution and can be used as a financial buffer.

Business Cash Advance:

Business advances are popular with professionals who want immediate access to capital. They’re commonly used to bridge short-term cash flow gaps. Loans are extended based on revenue instead of credit scores, making it an ideal option for business owners with bad credit.

Short Term Loan

Also known as installment loans, this financing type provides business owners with a one-time infusion of working capital. Funds are paid back in small increments over time, on a predictable payment schedule. Business term loans tend to appeal to professionals looking for affordability and structure.

Equipment Funding

Small businesses from all industries use equipment to move their business forward and complete daily tasks. Whether you need machinery for your medical practice, commercial vehicles for your consulting business, or new technology for your firm, equipment loans can help you reach your goals. Financing options are available with no collateral required.

Invoice Factoring

Factoring is a form of asset-based financing. Lenders provide working capital up-front, based on a company’s outstanding invoices. This financing type is a good option for business owners who want to minimize account receivable related hastles.

Top Uses for Professional Services Financing:

We understand the value in meeting your unique needs. At Clarify, we make financing easy, so you can focus on achieving your business objectives.

Equipment Needs:

Businesses have wide-ranging equipment needs. A dentist may need X-Ray machinery, while an accountant may need to purchase special software for tax season. Some businesses need desks, printers, or computers for their office space. Loans can be used to purchase new and used equipment. That way, you can finance what you need, without using up all your cash reserves.

Pandemic Relief:

Many small businesses have been hard hit by COVID. Some have been forced to temporarily shut down, drastically impacting sales. Others have been dealing with inflated operation costs, purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and related sanitation supplies to keep employees, patients, and customers safe. If you’ve experienced a hiccup in your business cycle due to Coronavirus, or are dealing with unexpected pandemic-related costs, financing can provide financial relief and bridge cash flow gaps.

Company Expansions:

Periods of growth are an exciting time for business owners. They can also be expensive. Funds can be used to acquire new practices, purchase commercial real-estate, on-board and train new staff members, place bulk inventory orders, and more. Having the resources necessary to scale company development is essential for long-term success.

Payroll and Staffing:

Many professionals secure financing to offset the cost of labor. Loans can be used for staffing purposes and making payroll. Securing financing helps companies to avoid depleting whatever financial resources they have available. During tough times, business funds can help companies to avoid layoffs and furloughs. In light of pandemic, the Payroll Protection Program is available to qualified Small Business owners.

Tax Bills and Tax Season:

Getting squared away with Uncle Sam can come at a high price. When money is tight, paying taxes can strain the company. Professionals have the option of using loans to cover a large tax bill. This gives professionals the benefit of repaying taxes on a fixed schedule, in small payments, rather than as a lump sum. The flexible payment schedule can reduce stress and eliminates the need to use up whatever liquidity a company may have on hand.

Unplanned Expenses:

The unexpected occurs all the time in business. Unfortunately, when an emergency happens, it often comes with additional costs. Whether you’re experiencing an unanticipated dip in revenue, have to replace or fix broken equipment, or are dealing with legal matters, we’ve got you covered. An infusion of working capital can be allocated towards your most pressing and immediate business needs.

Commercial Real-Estate and Rent:

Rent is one of the largest operational expenses business owners incur. If your company is located in a high-cost of living area, making rent can seem daunting. Small business owners often choose to allocate a portion of borrowed capital to rent, utilities, and other company bills. During COVID, many entrepreneurs rely on financing to make rent and keep business afloat.

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What are Professional Service Loans?

Professional business financing is a type of funding for business owners who have undergone specialized training or possess sector-specific skills. Small business owners who fall under this category might have special licenses, board-accreditations, titles, certifications, or professional degrees.

Funding is designed to meet the needs of business owners who fall are considered industry professionals. Business owners use the working capital to scale business, free up cash flow, cover costs during slow periods, purchase and lease sector-specific equipment and more.

Which Professionals Can Receive Business Financing?

Qualified applicants come from many disciplines. They’re lawyers, tax accountants, IT consultants, nurse practitioners, doctors, engineers, and more.

Funded professionals provide tangible or intangible products, drawing from their knowledge-base and career background. Some professionals leverage their network and industry experience and provide fee-based consultations. Others provide expert advice after years of standardized education and training.

Professional service firms eligible for loans include law and legal firms, outpatient medical practices and health centers, insurance companies, financial planning centers, consulting companies, engineering organizations, accounting firms and other businesses for professionals.

Regardless of the niche, each firm typically serves customers in need of specialized services. Customers typically seek out professional businesses to accomplish a narrow objective or goal.

Eligibility for Industry Loans

Eligibility for professional loans for business varies depending on the lender. The following criteria is a general overview of top qualification factors.

Financial Statements:

Have your most recent bank statements, from the last 3 months, ready for review. Bank statements are used to verify financial information and operating cash flow.

Existing Debt:

The amount of outstanding debt your business carries can impact loan offers. Lenders look at debt-to-income ratio (DTI) in order to determine risk. Companies that are highly leveraged are generally considered riskier than those with no outstanding debt.

Credit Standing:

Credit scores are only one of many factors considered when determining financing eligibility. Having a strong business credit score will matter more than your personal credit. A history of responsible borrowing will help you secure the most competitive professional loans for business.

Time in Business:

The longer you’ve been in business, the better. Professionals who own companies that have been around a minimum of 6 months will have the best approval odds.

Average Revenue:

If your professional services company generates a lot of revenue, you’ll be eligible for larger financing amounts. Loan sizes max out at a top percentage of company revenue. Approved applicants are able to demonstrate a minimum of $10,000 monthly business revenue, on average.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer business loans with no money down and no personal guarantee. A professional service team advisor can go over no collateral options with you.
Eligibility is generally based on gross monthly revenue, length of time in business, and recent bank statements. Talk with a loan advisor to learn more about approval criteria.
Yes. Small business owners with poor credit scores can still be approved for professional service financing. To learn more, speak with a lending advisor about bad credit loan options.

Types of Professional Services Firms We Fund:

  • check Accountants
  • check Healthcare Professionals
  • check Dentists
  • check Doctors
  • check Therapists
  • check Financial advisors
  • check Architects
  • check Consultants
  • check Lawyers
  • check Independent Nurse Practitioners
  • check Recruiting Firms
  • check Physician Assistants
  • check Medical Providers
  • check Attorneys
  • check Marketing and Advertising Businesses
  • check Staffing Firms
  • check Chiropractors
  • check Insurance agencies

Common Use of Funds:

  • check Taxes
  • check Rent and Commercial Lease Expenses
  • check Increasing and Maintaining Inventory
  • check Payroll and Staffing
  • check COVID Relief
  • check Buying Professional Equipment
  • check Unexpected Expenses
  • check Seasonal Fluctuations
  • check Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Costs
  • check Buying Out a Business Partner
  • check Operational Bills and Utilities
  • check Expanding or Acquiring a New Company
  • check Hiring Employees
  • check Purchasing Medical Equipment
  • check Emergency Expenses
  • check Insurance Company Payment Delays
  • check Purchasing Technology and Machinery

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