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  • Flexible payment options
  • Both secured and unsecured loans available
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Restaurant Loans

Clarify helps restaurants, bars, food manufacturers, and distributors pursue the American dream with the financing their business needs to grow.

Best Business Loans for Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants have always had the hardest time raising capital via traditional banks and lending institutions. Reports from the SBA consistently show that lack of funding is the primary reason restaurants go out of business.

We are determined to change that.

Our mission is to help restaurant owners pursue the American dream. Clarify's network of 75+ alternative lenders provides the money needed for you to build and grow a successful business in the food and beverage industry.

Regardless of your personal credit score, we provide the financing needed to open new locations, hire more staff, withstand seasonal ups and downs, and operate at peak seating capacity.

Benefits of Restaurant Loans

Food & Beverage is a $5.75 trillion dollar market in the United States. Getting your share of that pie requires dedication to your craft and hyper-focus on restaurant logistics. Having proper financial backing is critical to lease the perfect location, hire qualified staff, purchase equipment, and promote your business.

Lease the perfect location

Location is the single most important factor to your success. Renting a spot that drives in a flood of restaurant-goers can cost a pretty penny. Clarify helps make it a reality.

Hire a great chef and waitstaff

Use your capital to retain a top-notch chef to refine your menu, and train waitstaff to provide a perfect experience for diners.

Promote and create a memorable brand

Successful restaurants don't just rely on repeat customers. They continue their marketing efforts to promote the brand, create a social media presence, hire a publicist, and advertise.

No collateral required

Retain complete ownership of your restaurant with an unsecured business loan from Clarify. There is no collateral needed to get funded.

Lowest interest rates

Unlike going to a traditional bank, our network of 75+ lenders compete to offer you the lowest APRs in the industry. Whether you have good or bad credit, your loan advisor will work with you to secure the best APR.

Flexible payment options

Get repayment terms tailored based on your business needs and existing cash flow. We strive to provide the best-in-class terms that fit your goals.

Quick approval and funding

Get approved online within minutes of applying and money in the bank in as little as 1-2 days. Restaurant loans with Clarify have the fastest turn-around time in the lending industry.

Consolidate any existing debt

Many owners have existing loans at a higher interest rate. Clarify can consolidate your debt to a much lower interest rate and smaller payments -- saving you money and improving cash flow.

5 Best Business Loans for Restaurants & Bars

When you work with Clarify, your dedicated lending advisor guides you to pick the best type of financing that fits your business goals. Having funded over 10,000 food services companies, we've seen these five loan options to work best for restaurant owners:

1. Business Line of Credit for Restaurants

A business line of credit provides working capital always on-hand when needed. It's a flexible way to get approved for a credit line with low interest rates and is structured similarly to a credit card. You only pay interest on funds you utilize.

Benefits of having a business line of credit:

  • On-demand funds available to use when needs arise
  • Only pay interest on money withdrawn from the credit line
  • Helps improve your credit rating
  • There are no pre-payment penalties

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2. Short-Term Loan for Restaurants

The most common type of loan taken by business owners. A short-term loan is a traditional financing option. You borrow a fixed amount of capital from a lender with a fixed interest rate that is paid over a certain length of time. You get the entire loan amount as a lump sum and can be used for any type of business expenditure.

Benefits of getting a short-term loan:

  • No collateral is needed to secure the loan
  • Quick and easy approval
  • Loan closing within 1-2 days
  • Low credit score requirements (we recommend a credit score of at least 550+)

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3. Equipment Loans for Restaurants

Finance up to 100% of the kitchen equipment, furniture, and decor needed to create a successful restaurant. Equipment financing offers competitive interest rates and has minimal paperwork needed to get approved.

Benefits of equipment loans:

  • The only collateral needed is the equipment you are purchasing itself.
  • APRs as low as 6%
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Both good and bad personal credit score is okay to get approval

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4. SBA Loans for Restaurants

The federal agency offers two popular lending options for restaurant owners: 7(a) and Microloans. The SBA backs the loan up to 80% of the total funding amount. Do be aware that while SBA loans offer some of the best interest rates, approved lenders have strict credit score and paperwork requirements. Due to the time needed to get approved for an SBA loan, we advise it as an option only for owners who are not in immediate need of capital.

Benefits of SBA loans:

  • Partially backed by the Small Business Administration
  • Low interest rates starting at 5.75%
  • 5 to 25-year term length

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Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurant Loans

First, you’ll want to determine which type of financing is a good match for your business goals. After you have an idea of what loan you want, you’re ready to take next steps. Fill out an application online and talk to an advisor to get the process started.
Yes. Several loan options are available during the pandemic. Some lenders, like traditional banks, may have stricter requirements during COVID. Other financial institutions, like online lenders, tend to be less restrictive with funding. Our lenders at Clarify can assist you in finding the right restaurant loan for your situation.
No. Many business owners find the funding process to be fairly straightforward. At Clarify, we’ve streamlined the process to make things as easy and fast as possible.
A personal guarantee is required for some loan types, but not all. SBA loans, for example, typically require collateral. Alternative financing options, like unsecured business loans, do not require any security.

Types of food & beverage companies we've funded

  • check Restaurants
  • check Bars
  • check Coffee shops
  • check Nightclubs
  • check Fast food
  • check Franchises
  • check Vending machine businesses
  • check Bakery & pastry shops
  • check Food & beverage manufacturers

Potential use of funding for food services businesses

  • keyboard_arrow_right PPE and sanitation supplies
  • keyboard_arrow_right Pandemic relief
  • keyboard_arrow_right Purchase food & liquor
  • keyboard_arrow_right Remodel current location
  • keyboard_arrow_right Open new locations
  • keyboard_arrow_right Upgrade POS system
  • keyboard_arrow_right Buy or repair kitchen equipment
  • keyboard_arrow_right Payroll & taxes
  • keyboard_arrow_right Operating expenses
  • keyboard_arrow_right Hire new employees
  • keyboard_arrow_right Advertising & marketing
  • keyboard_arrow_right Overcome unanticipated business expenses
  • keyboard_arrow_right Refinance existing debt

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Restaurant business loans

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