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Financing for small businesses with limited borrowing history and lower credit scores.

Getting Funding As a High-risk Borrower

Operating a business is no easy feat. As your company grows, you can expect an increase in expenses. For high-risk borrowers, securing access to working capital can be a difficult, but necessary part of achieving business success.

Fortunately, at Clarify Capital, we offer a wide variety of funding options for high-risk borrowers. While risk will always be a key factor lenders consider, we believe it shouldn’t define the borrower. After all, most small business owners and entrepreneurs take on some level of risk to build their empires!

If you’ve been turned away by traditional lenders, don’t be discouraged. We work with borrowers who have bad credit, minimal credit history available, and who work in a ‘risky’ industry.

Whatever your situation is, we’re here to help make your dreams a reality. With a marketplace of 75+ lenders, competitive products, and a streamlined, fast approval process, we’ve got you covered.

Types of High-Risk Business Loans

Finding the right fit for your company depends on your needs and business goals. We have a diverse selection of loan products, so you can choose what financing option makes sense for you. At Clarify, we’re passionate about helping high-risk borrowers secure funding.

Merchant Cash Advance

With MCAs, you exchange a portion of your future sales for working capital. This financing type offers immediate access to funds. Common uses include bridging cash flow gaps and covering expenses when the unexpected happens.

Installment loans

Term loans are the most popular type of funding. Borrowers receive a lump sum, which is paid back over time, in fixed increments. If you’ve been in business at least 6 months and your company generates over 10k in gross monthly revenue, a short-term business loan can be a great option.

Equipment financing

Equipment financing provides capital to purchase new or used machinery. A personal guarantee is not needed, which means your personal assets are never on the line. The equipment is used as security, so you can stay protected.

Invoice factoring

If you have low credit or don’t have an established credit history, invoice financing can be a great fit. Outstanding invoices are used as collateral, which means that borrowers with all types of credit can be approved. Many high-risk borrowers choose to go this route because credit is not a primary qualifier for funding.

What Criteria do Lenders Look at for High-Risk Business Loans?

Several factors are considered when determining borrowing eligibility. The following list is meant to serve as a general guide to better understand what qualifiers lenders assess. Our advisors are available to speak to you about your unique circumstances and business goals.

1. Monthly Revenue

A gross monthly revenue of $10,000 and up tends to be the preferred, ‘magic’ number most lenders look for. The amount of funds you’re allotted will typically correlate with the revenue your company brings in.

2. Current debt

Most lenders will want to know your debt-to-income ratio. Ideal applicants have low amounts of debt relative to their earnings. Understanding how much outstanding debt you carry will help you get an idea of the loan offers you can expect.

3. Credit History

Generally speaking, having a solid business credit history is advantageous when applying for loans. That being said, credit is only one factor amongst many. It’s not the sole decider for securing funding.

4. Length of Time in Business

The longer your company has been around, the better. Lenders prefer businesses have been operating for a minimum of 6 months. Exceeding that number increases your approval odds and chance of securing a competitive loan.

5. Profitability

Does your company’s financials indicate that you’re able to consistently churn a profit? You’ll want to be able to show a positive trend with money movement in and out of your business. Being able to do so will put you in a good spot as an applicant.

6. Bank Statements

Plan to have the last 3 months of bank statements readily available. Your advisor will review the documentation to validate operating cash flow. Having healthy financials will work in your favor.

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Popular High Risk Loan Uses:

Whatever your business needs, we’re here to help. Below are the most common ways that high risk borrowers use their loans:

Immediate Needs:

Fast funding options provide an infusion of working capital, so you can address your most pressing needs. Our process is streamlined and quick, so you get financing without delay.

Slow Periods:

If you’re experiencing a dip in sales, meeting your financial obligations might be difficult for the time being. We offer high-risk financing options to help bridge short-term cash flow gaps.

Inventory & Supplies:

Get the materials you need for your business, when you need them. Funds can be allocated towards purchase orders to get both inventory and supplies.

Machinery & Equipment:

If you need special equipment or machinery for your business operations, we’ve got you covered. We offer competitive equipment financing with high approval rates.

Rent & Utilities:

Free up cash flow to pay for operational expenses, like rent and utilities, by financing. That way, your day-to-day expenses get paid on time and in full.


Restructure your debt based on terms that work for you. We offer low interest rates and flexible loan terms, so you can choose a loan that makes sense for your unique situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About High-Risk Loans

Interest rates will vary depending on eligibility factors. At Clarify, we offer low APR starting at just 7%.
Yes! We offer loan products for borrowers with less-than-stellar credit and no personal guarantee. A funding advisor is available to go over different options with you. Based on your preferences and needs, they’ll work to find a product that’s a perfect match.
Companies within certain industries are considered riskier than others because they have a higher chance of failing, or being unprofitable. Real-estate, construction, restaurants, and retail, for example, have a higher probability of being labelled “high-risk”. This is because they’re more likely, on average, to have inconsistent revenue than businesses in other sectors.
To lenders, borrowers with poor credit are perceived as being a riskier lending candidate. Those who are unable to demonstrate a history of responsible borrowing will be categorized as “high-risk”.
Yes! We frequently work with entrepreneurs operating early-stage businesses. When you’re just getting started, growing a company often comes with many costs. Start-ups typically benefit from additional cash reserves and working capital to accelerate expansion.

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