GPT-4 Outperforms Humans in Pitch Deck Effectiveness Among Investors and Business Owners

Key Takeaways

  • Overall, investors and business owners say GPT-4 generated pitch decks are 2x more convincing than those made by humans.
  • Overall, investors and business owners were 3x more likely to invest after reading a GPT-4 pitch deck than after reading a human one.
  • 1 in 5 investors and business owners pitched by GPT-4 would invest $10,000 or more.

Pitching With Precision

Entrepreneurs know firsthand that securing funding can be an uphill battle. Concisely presenting a business plan, products, services, and trajectory can be equally necessary and stressful. Enter GPT-4, an advanced artificial intelligence system developed by OpenAI that can understand context and generate complex and coherent text. We wondered if AI could help write successful pitch decks to secure funding for entrepreneurs across multiple industries.

To test the effectiveness of GPT-4 created pitch decks, we first provided the AI tool with various prompts so it could generate them. We then surveyed 250 investors and 250 business owners to rate the series of pitch decks created by GPT-4 against a successful series created by humans—and those surveyed did not know AI was involved at all.

In this guide, we examine the survey results and find out how GPT-4 generated pitch decks compare to their human-created competition.

The Human Touch vs. the AI Advantage

AI can generate text quickly, but is it as informative and effective as human writing? Business owners and investors were asked to rate pitch decks made by both AI and humans to see how they compare.

Overall, investors and business owners found GPT-4 pitch decks twice as convincing as human pitch decks: 80% found GPT-4 generated decks convincing, compared to just 39% for human-created decks. GPT-4 created pitch decks rated higher than human-created ones in quality, thoroughness, and clarity. This left investors and business owners three times more likely to invest in a project after reviewing a GPT-4 pitch deck than after reviewing a human one.

Even more remarkable, one in five investors and business owners pitched by AI expressed their willingness to invest $10,000 or more in the venture, indicating the strong appeal and persuasive power of AI-generated pitch decks.

AI vs. Human: Finance Industry Pitch Decks

AI-generated pitch decks were well-received overall, but that does not guarantee they work for every industry. Let’s see how they fared within specific industries, beginning with finance.

After a solid overall performance, GPT-4 also received positive reviews for finance industry pitch decks. Investors and business owners were 88% more likely to find GPT-4 generated pitch decks convincing compared to decks made by humans. The AI pitch decks were so convincing that reviewers were three times more likely to copy their elements. Of course, the biggest indication of a successful pitch deck is its ability to secure funding, and GPT-4 decks had a 34% investment rate compared to just 16% for decks made by a human.

These results suggest that GPT-4 could strongly impact the future of the finance industry and help finance entrepreneurs secure funding from investors. As more entrepreneurs fund their ideas, the landscape of the finance industry could change significantly with an influx of new ideas, creative practices, and change makers.

AI vs. Human: Marketing Industry Pitch Decks

With a foundation in numbers and math, the finance industry seems like a perfect fit for the use of AI-generated content. But AI may have a more difficult time outperforming humans in creative industries. Let’s see if GPT-4 kept its competitive edge in marketing.

Despite the creative environment, GPT-4 was about as successful in generating marketing pitch decks as it was in creating finance ones. Investors and business owners were 73% more likely to find GPT-4 generated pitch decks convincing than those made by humans. Reviewers also thought marketing pitch decks created by GPT-4 were of higher quality (75% compared to 32%) and more worthy of emulation (70% compared to 25%). Most importantly, a higher percentage of respondents expressed willingness to invest after reviewing AI-generated pitch decks than their human counterparts (35% vs. 12%, respectively).

Within the marketing industry, GPT-4 generated pitch decks may have a high potential for attracting investors, which is great news for marketing entrepreneurs. But those in the marketing industry can use AI beyond pitch deck creation to help create more personalized content and improve the customer experience. With the combined efforts of AI and human imagination, it will be exciting to see the future of marketing unfold.

AI vs. Human: Tech Industry Pitch Decks

Finance and marketing both weighed heavily in favor of AI-generated material. Let’s see how GPT-4 performs in this final area—the tech industry.

According to investors and business owners, GPT-4 generated pitch decks for tech have a definite edge over human-made pitch decks in the tech industry. Specifically, GPT-4 pitch decks were found to be 70% more convincing and received much higher ratings for overall quality. In terms of investment decisions, 37% of respondents wanted to invest in GPT-4 tech pitches, compared to just 11% of pitches made by humans.

Again, the AI of GPT-4 performed exceptionally well and recommends itself as a possible tool for tech entrepreneurs seeking investments. With world-changing technology like AI being developed faster than ever, tech may play a larger role in business, creating more opportunities for tech-savvy entrepreneurs and bringing more jobs to the marketplace.

Promising Results for Future Improvement

The development of AI over the past few years has been groundbreaking, inspiring within some of us a sense of promise and within others a sense of foreboding. Some worry that AI will replace humans, but access to AI tools can actually help humans accomplish more—as shown in our study of GPT-4 generated pitch decks.

Entrepreneurs who use AI technologies to help create pitch decks, develop business plans, refine organizational structures, and the like can improve their chances of securing funding. As more entrepreneurs enter the professional space with the resources they need to be successful, every industry will have greater opportunities for diversity, creativity, and innovation. Instead of fighting against and competing with AI, professional industries can embrace and use AI to accomplish greater things than they ever thought possible.


For this study, we compared human-made pitch decks from different industries to ones created by GPT-4, an advanced artificial intelligence system. To do this, we provided GPT-4 with various prompts for each industry to generate pitches. Via a survey of 250 investors and 250 business owners, we compared the GPT-4 generated pitch decks against successful human pitches that had already secured funding. Participants did not know any of the pitches were AI-generated. Each respondent saw the same number of AI-generated and human-made pitch decks. Among respondents, 68% were men, 31% were women, and 1% preferred not to say.

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