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Alternative financing options to help your small business achieve success

Getting Funded with an Alternative Business Loan

Finding your business funding can be difficult. Traditional lenders, like big banks and credit unions, tend to have stringent loan eligibility requirements.

Larger financial institutions are highly regulated industries. Their goal is to reduce risk. Unfortunately, these financiers often view entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners as risky investments. The application process for securing funding is more paperwork-intensive and slower, and there’s a higher probability of denial than in nontraditional lending.

Nonbank and alternative lenders, like Clarify Capital, provide working capital solutions geared toward your small business needs. As an alternative lending source, we have more say in what loan products we can offer and what’s required for funding approval.

The increased flexibility allows us to fulfill our mission of helping more businesses secure the financial resources they need — generally faster than loan programs like real estate or SBA loans.

Because less red tape and documentation are involved, we can offer fast business loans. The loan application and funding process, from start to completion, is much quicker than you’ll find in traditional financing.

When you work with us, we consider you family. We pride ourselves as a leading nontraditional lender, offering the best alternative business loans. We love helping entrepreneurs and small business owners reach their goals!

What Loans Are Available for Small Businesses?

We offer a variety of nontraditional small business financing options. That way, you can pick the type of financing that makes the most sense for your specific circumstances and business objectives. Below are the top funding options for small businesses.

1. Alternative Business Term Loans

Term loans, also called installment loans, are among the most popular alternative business loan types. They are what most people think of when referring to business loans.

Online lenders provide term loans structured similarly to what you expect at a large bank or credit union. You receive a lump sum of money, which is paid back in intervals over time. Interest is fixed or variable, depending on the loan agreement.

Term loans encompass two main financing types: short-term and long-term business loans. Both provide companies with an infusion of working capital and offer unique advantages.

Short-term loans have tighter repayment windows, meaning a company has less time to repay owed funds. On average, term lengths are typically between six months and two years.

While traditional financiers often turn down small business owners seeking loans or microloans, we can approve a wider range of applicants. At Clarify, we don’t require collateral and approve all types of credit.

Long-term loans have lengthier repayment terms, giving the borrower more time to repay debt. Long-term loans are difficult for small business owners to secure through a traditional bank.

Even businesses with relatively strong financials frequently run into the issue of denial. Despite the proven profitability of these companies, many don’t meet the rigorous eligibility criteria set by larger financial institutions.

This can limit initial access to funds for several of the SMBs we work with down the line. Fortunately, we can approve many businesses that have been rejected for traditional bank loans, providing alternative capital solutions.

For long-term loans, being an established business with a solid track record of churning profit can increase your competitiveness as a prospective borrower.

2. Equipment Loans

Equipment loans, or commercial equipment loans, are a good option for companies that need to buy new or used equipment. Common uses include medical equipment for doctors, nurse practitioners, and dentists, and heavy machinery, for farming, agriculture, and construction.

A benefit to business equipment loans is that you can be approved with bad credit and there’s no personal guarantee needed. The machinery being leased or borrowed is used as collateral. This allows small businesses to take out a commercial equipment loan without ever having to put up their personal assets as security.

3. Invoice Factoring

Also known as Invoice Financing, factoring provides immediate business funding. Factoring is a common solution for businesses who struggle to collect on-time payments from their customers. When receivables are delayed, it can create cash flow issues, especially for companies who experience periods of slim profit margins and have higher operating costs.

Companies pursuing invoice factoring usually desire quick access to funding and want to reduce the time spent getting squared away with customers. Businesses choosing this financing type will go through a third-party company. The third-party organization becomes entirely responsible for accounts receivable.

The way it works is simple. The factoring company purchases the invoices from the primary business, providing an infusion of working capital. A fee is charged as payment for the service, which is typically a small percentage of the invoice amount.

At Clarify, we provide upfront advances, covering up to 100% of the total invoice value. Once the invoice clears, we pay out the remaining amount.

Similar to equipment loans, all types of credit can be approved for this funding option and we do not require a personal guarantee. The invoices are used as collateral, which means your personal assets stay protected.

4. Business Line of Credit

A line of credit, also known as a revolving line of credit, works differently than unconventional business loans or business credit cards. It’s a financing alternative that provides flexible access to working capital.

If you have a credit card, you’re probably somewhat familiar with how a line of credit works. The two are very similar in structure. Like applying for a consumer credit card, you submit an application to determine eligibility. Once approved, you receive a maximum credit limit. You can borrow up to your assigned limit at any time.

Regardless of the APR, you only pay interest on the funds you choose to withdraw rather than the full amount of credit you’re extended. This gives small business owners more control over their financial obligations.

A huge advantage of a nontraditional business line of credit is convenience. The credit line is there when needed and can be used for business-related expenses.

Funds can be drawn from as needed, making it an excellent option for businesses wanting to protect themselves with a financial safeguard. For example, many borrowers use a credit line as a cash reserve. It allows businesses to plan for the unplanned.

When emergencies and unanticipated expenses happen, access to a credit line helps things run smoothly. Because funds replenish as they’re repaid, companies can continue to tap into the pool of funds through different stages of their business growth, so long as the credit line remains open.

5. Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

A business advance, or a cash advance, provides instant access to capital in your bank account. Small businesses that finance with a merchant advance receive a lump sum of cash upfront for a portion of their future credit card sales.

An MCA is used as an alternative to traditional small business loans. They’re intended to resolve immediate financing needs. This might include bridging cash flow gaps, weathering a seasonal fluctuation in revenue, or dealing with an unexpected operational expense.

An advantage of a nontraditional business advance is that business owners can use it instead of taking money from other parts of their business. Rather than making internal cuts to decrease costs or pulling from profits, business owners and entrepreneurs can secure outside funding to keep their accounts payable intact.

Applicants with less-than-stellar credit can be approved for this financing type. Similar to other popular alternative lending products we offer, there’s no need for collateral.

Am I Eligible for an Alternative Business Loan?

Alternative lending institutions will vary in what they look for in applicants. While most banks are fairly similar in what is required from borrowers, online lenders have a little more flexibility regarding eligibility criteria.

At Clarify, we aim to accommodate as many borrowers as possible. We believe small businesses play an integral role in the business ecosystem and are passionate about connecting entrepreneurs to financial resources. Below are the main elements our lenders look at.

Bank Statements:

Bank statements provide lenders with information about operating cash flow. At Clarify, we’ll ask for your last three months of bank statements.

We aim to keep paperwork light and not ask for additional financial documents. Referencing your bank statements is an easy and quick way for us to verify financials and offer fast business loans with integrity.

Average Monthly Revenue:

Most businesses we work with have a monthly revenue of $10,000 or annual revenue of $120,000 and up. The more revenue your company generates, the larger the loan amount you can expect to be approved for.

Outstanding Debt:

In a perfect world, applicants would always be debt-free and own businesses generating high-levels of income. That being said, a situation like that is rarely the reality for small businesses. Most businesses carry some amount of debt.

Lenders will review your debt-to-income ratio to get an idea of your current financial obligations. DTI ratio is used to help lenders determine what they can reasonably expect you to comfortably pay back. Loan sizes reflect what financiers believe is affordable for you, repayment-wise.

Amount of Time in Business:

Businesses with a demonstrated history of success will have the best approval odds. Typically, we like to see businesses operating for at least six months. Lenders see it as a good sign when your business has a solid track record of profitability.

Credit History:

Having high credit is advantageous if you’re looking to borrow funds. A responsible borrowing history tells lenders you’re unlikely to default on a loan.

At Clarify, we understand not everyone will have perfect credit. Fortunately, credit scores are only one factor among several. Applicants with bad credit can be approved for business loans. We help entrepreneurs and small business owners with all types of credit access working capital.

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Top Uses for Alternative Business Loans

The great thing about alternative commercial funding is that it isn’t rooted in a one-size-fits-all ideology. We understand that small companies and entrepreneurs have vastly different financial priorities. At Clarify, we offer a selection of loan products for various business purposes.

We provide the working capital upfront, allowing you to allocate funds how you see fit. Here are some common uses for nonbank business loans.

1. Expanding Your Team

Periods of growth are exciting and something most companies aspire for. Expansion can also be costly, as business owners often need to scale their teams to meet demand.

Access to fast funding makes hiring more skilled employees affordable. Investing in the right talent helps entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level.

2. Advertising and Marketing

Increasing sales is essential to the bottom line of growing businesses. Upping your marketing and advertising spend means attracting more qualified customers and optimizing conversions. An infusion of working capital makes building and implementing a strong marketing strategy accessible.

3. Seasonal Fluctuations in Cash Flow

Many industries have regular and predictable periods where they bring in less revenue than average. During these slow months, companies operate on slim margins and have limited access to capital. One unanticipated expense or required prepayment can bring on a slew of pressing problems to address.

A business loan can provide the means necessary to bridge cash flow gaps and provide additional cash reserves. That way, you don’t have to scale back your team or pull funds from other important operational areas.

4. Inventory

Some small businesses need to have a large amount of inventory readily available, usually at a warehouse or storage facility. This is especially common for specific industries, like retail and restaurants.

Funds can be used to purchase additional stock to prep for and get through peak seasons. Having extra cash to allocate toward inventory makes it possible for businesses to purchase products in bulk and get the best pricing available.

5. Refinancing Outstanding Debt

Not all debt is created equal. Refinancing can make paying back owed funds much more manageable for companies holding debt at higher interest rates or with unfavorable loan terms.

Consolidating and refinancing the existing debt can save a company thousands of dollars over the life of a loan and lower monthly payments. Businesses that refinance through Clarify have access to competitive alternative business financing.

6. Emergencies & Coronavirus Relief

Sometimes, things just happen. Financing is available to smooth over cash flow if you’re experiencing an unexpected financial hardship due to the pandemic. Whether you need additional funds to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation supplies or need working capital to offset a sales slump, we’re here to help.

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Alternative Business Loan FAQ

How do I get a small business loan when the bank says no?

Banks say no all the time, even when the applicant has sound financials and a strong, viable business plan. Large banks and credit unions are risk averse, and their denial rate reflects it.

Nonbank lenders provide alternative business lending solutions. Online lenders, like Clarify Capital, regularly extend fast funding to small businesses and entrepreneurs following a bank loan denial.

What are the alternative methods of financing?

Alternative financing options include a selection of different loan products. One of the most common types is short-term business loans. You’ll find a synopsis of alternative business lending options on our site, where we’ve created a guide for borrowers less familiar with the term. We hope our outline helps you in your understanding!

Who are alternative business lenders?

The alternative lending industry includes a multitude of alternative lending companies. If you’ve done a quick Google search, you’ll probably see many of us out there.

Every online lender is certainly not the same. It’s always good to start with reputation when looking for alternative business loans. We don’t take our reputation as a top alternative lending company lightly. When you work with us, we consider you family.

What is the most popular alternative loan?

Short-term loans are a top business loan option. That said, it’s important to consider your unique circumstances when selecting a loan product.

The best alternative business loans make sense for the goals and objectives of your company. To make things easy, our financial advisers are always available to walk you through the process and help you make a loan selection tailored to your needs.

Is it difficult to be approved for an alternative business loan?

No. We approve applicants with different types of credit and offer loan products with no collateral required.

We provide working capital to newer businesses, young businesses, and more established companies with a history of operational success. Compared to traditional financing options for small businesses, it’s much easier to be approved for business funding when you work with an alternative lending company.

What is the best option for getting a small business loan?

In many situations, the answer is a nontraditional lender or online lender. Banking is a highly regulated industry, and traditional banks have to follow specific guidelines.

Unfortunately, these guidelines don’t always allow larger financial institutions to grasp the full financial picture of each business model and its growth potential. The stringent qualification criteria result in a vast number of small businesses being denied funding.

Online lenders, like Clarify Capital, have significantly fewer rules and restrictions. We can look at your company from a more holistic perspective and base funding decisions on criteria established independent of the excessive red tape imposed by regulatory agencies.

This allows us to approve a much higher number of small businesses needing access to working capital than our larger, traditional counterparts.

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"I had a wonderful experience working with Clarify Capital. Michael helped me secure a loan to buy out my partner. He was honest and transparent through the entire process. For a loan with no collateral, the rate and term were very reasonable. I’m looking forward to working with them again when I need to buy new equipment for my practice."

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