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Minimal doc business loans for small businesses who want quick funding.

Getting a Business Loan with Low or No Paperwork

Many lenders require borrowers to fill out several forms, including bank statements, proof of assets, tax returns, balance sheets, income verification and more. While an involved documentation process can have its benefits, it’s also extremely time consuming. Traditional banks tend to be slow moving, causing borrowers to wait on working capital for long stretches of time.

Fortunately, small business owners can secure loans with little to no doc required. At Clarify, you won’t be asked to fax excessive amounts of financial statements to lenders. We’ve streamlined the funding process to make things easy.

We understand small business owners are busy. Our low documentation loans are fast, so you can spend your time where it counts.

Types of Reduced Paperwork Business Loans

Small business owners who want to apply for a loan without all the documentation have different options to choose from. At Clarify, we keep things moving, so you don’t have to wait around for working capital. Below is a brief overview of popular funding types we provide.

Short-Term Business Loans

Also known as installment loans, short-term business loans involve receiving a lump sum of money, which is paid back on a regular schedule, over a fixed period of time. Term loans are the most common financial product used by borrowers wanting a no doc or low doc commercial loan.

Low-Doc Equipment Financing

Looking to buy or lease equipment? We’ve got you covered. Companies receive a certain amount of capital to be used to rent or purchase equipment. Collateral is not required. Small business owners can secure funds for equipment, including heavy machinery, with little documentation.

Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance, also known as “Merchant Cash Advance” is a common financing type used to fill in cash flow gaps. Businesses exchange a percentage of their future sales for instant access to working capital. Because the process can be done online, there is no need to complete paper forms.

No-Doc Business Line Of Credit

Low doc business lines of credit are another popular financing option. Small business owners commonly use funds to pay for unexpected expenses. The application process is simple. All necessary information can be provided electronically, eliminating any need for pen-and-paper documentation.

Invoice Factoring

Also commonly referred to as “Accounts Receivable Financing”, this funding option provides immediate working capital for small business owners. Rather than manage invoices independently, small business owners can work with a third party to collect payments directly from clients and customers. Outside of an initial application, which can be completed quickly, there is minimal paperwork required.

How Do No Doc / Low Doc Business Loans Work?

Small business owners can complete an easy and quick online application. Unlike traditional lenders who typically require applicants to provide tax returns, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, A/P or A/R, and other financial documents, alternative lenders offer similar marketplace loans with less documentation requirements.

Typically, borrowers will be asked to provide merchant processing and/or bank statements. Since there’s less paperwork demands, the process moves much faster.

Most lenders allow the applicant to complete all forms online, for a hasslefree and convenient experience. Businesses can receive capital immediately.

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What Are the Different Types of Reduced Paperwork Business Loans?

Most lenders will break down reduced doc loans into three different categories. Below we’ll offer some clarity and overview the three main loan types.

Low-Doc Business Loans

This is the most popular loan type for small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking reduced paperwork financing. There’s a significant reduction in documentation compared to traditional loan requirements.

Conventional lenders usually ask for multiple documents to verify financial history and performance. The increased paperwork ultimately ends up extending out funding timelines.

At Clarify, we keep things simple. We only require bank statements from the last 3 months. Reducing paperwork demands allows us to move quickly to get you financing.

Business owners frequently choose to work with an online lender over a traditional lender when they value speed in funding and want to increase their approval odds.

Stated-Income Business Loans

This funding type may still require some documents, but similar to Low-Doc Business loans, Stated-Income loans require less paperwork than standard business loans.

Stated-income loans are usually pursued by borrowers with limited financing options. Self-employed individuals and freelancers, for example, might have huge fluctuations in income, multiple streams of income, or receive a larger portion of their revenue in cash. When this happens, business forms and tax documents may not accurately reflect an applicant’s true financial situation. These borrowers may use a stated-income loan because they are able to qualify for a larger loan amount that way.

Their self-reported statement is used to determine funding eligibility and there is no need of formal proof. Lenders do not require the applicant to provide verification materials.

While this option might seem easy, it’s not without a catch. Basing funding off of word-of-mouth, rather than financial statements, means more lending risk.

Because lenders take on more risk for stated-income loans, financing terms tend to be less competitive.To reflect the increased lending risk, interest rates are usually higher than that of Low-Doc loans.

No-Doc Business Loans

No-doc business loans are pretty much what they sound like - no doc! You do not need to provide any financial statements or documentation to receive financing. Funding is provided based on credit standing and whatever information you provide in your application.

Lenders take on a large amount of risk when offering no-doc business loans because there are fewer safeguards in place. Of the three loan types, no-doc loans tend to have the least competitive terms, and therefore, are often used as a last resort for businesses pressed for time.

Similar to stated-income loans, the increased risk of lending impacts the loan terms and interest rates. We always recommend prospective borrowers try for a low-doc business loan over no-doc, to qualify for the most competitive financing options available.

Common No-Doc Loan Uses:

Clarify offers low doc financing to cover all of your business needs. Here are some of the top ways business owners use funding:

Short-term Needs:

Less paperwork can mean getting funds quicker. If you have an immediate financial need, you may not have time to wait. Get the working capital you need to take care of urgent expenses.

Equipment & Machinery:

Finance technical equipment, heavy machinery, automobiles and more. Most industries have some type of equipment or machinery needed to get the job done. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Payroll & Taxes:

Payroll and taxes are some of the highest expenses as business incurs. Loans can be used to help you meet any outstanding financing obligations. Small business owners use funds to cover staffing costs and tax burdens.

COVID Assistance:

Off-set a decline in sales or increase in operational expenses caused by the novel coronavirus with an infusion of working capital. We understand how difficult these unprecedented times have been for small businesses across the nation. Use financing to pay for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), employee and customer safety products, and any extra sanitation measures you’re implementing.


Get the inventory you need for your company in a timeframe that works best for you. Funds can be allocated towards buying orders, ensuring you can meet customer demand at all times.

Smoothing Cash Flow:

Oftentimes, business owners are in a situation where they’re short on cash, but expecting to receive additional funds soon. Smooth over cash shortfalls with financing. Our expedited loan process ensures you get fast access to capital.

Frequently Asked Questions About No Doc Loans

Many traditional banks and large credit unions do not offer no doc loans. Online lenders are able to offer more flexibility in their lending requirements than their larger counterparts. Clarify Capital is a leading lender for low-doc loans.
We specialize in offering low paperwork small business loans. Unfortunately, we do not offer no doc home loans or no doc personal loans at this time. We do not offer EIN business loans and are unable to accomodate start-up business loans with EIN numbers.
Business owners who are self-employed are our bread-and-butter. We offer low-doc commercial loans to small and medium sized companies. Getting a business loan without paper documents is possible. Fill out an online app for streamlined digital funding.
Our client base is primarily business owners who have been operating their company for at least 2 years. Startups who meet our qualification criteria can receive fast funding with minimal paperwork needed, just like the other companies we service. That being said, no-doc startup business loans are difficult to come by.
Stated income business loans do not require proof of income. They require no financial documents. Approval is based on verbal statements. Low-doc business loans require some amount of proof. Lenders will ensure you qualify for the loan, but the process itself involves reduced documentation. It is less paperwork heavy than alternative financing options.

Most lenders are unable to provide no income business loans. Providing business loans without proof of income increases the risk of lenders and brokers significantly. While we are unable to offer unsecured no doc business loans, we do offer similar financial products.

A low doc business loan is a viable and popular solution for companies who want to significantly reduce the amount of documentation they’ll be asked to complete. Many lenders are able to provide business loans primarily based on bank statements, requiring little additional information. By asking for some form of verification and proof, the integrity of the lending industry stays protected.

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